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Re: theosophy historical and doctrinal

Aug 29, 1995 03:26 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Thanks Jerry, your perspective helps a great deal. I know we are supposed to
> be "indifferent to praise and to blame" but it is nice to get something other
> than heat for a change.

Perhaps there's a cause and effect relationship between the
heat we make and the heat we take? Even when our intentions
are good, and misunderstood?
> Yes, I am concerned about your definition number 5., Theosophy is everything
> and anything. That is a sure recipe to end up with NOTHING.

It seems to me that Theosophy is by nature a WAY of knowing
rather than a BODY of knowledge, which indeed makes it
"everything and anything" but hardly nothing.
> I feel sorry for the Masters too, after all the effort and sacrifices and
> karma They took upon Themselves to give the little moles like us some light,

KH wrote to Sinnett (pardon my paraphrase) after the Kiddle
incident "See us as simple men, perhaps a little wiser as a
result of special training..." This is not quite a capitalized
Them reaching down to a little, molelike us.

> and the first thing we do is turn around, ritualize and formalize everything,
> "expand" and "improve" willy-nilly, and then end up not even recognizing
> where we started from -- Them and Their teachings!

The Mahatma letters were published in the 1920s, and have been
a steady object of attention in the Point Loma/Pasadena
tradition. In the Adyar TS, there has been a continual growth
of interest in the original source teachings, including those
letters. Yet the ULT discourages its members from reading the
Mahatma letters. So if there is any tendency towards not
recognizing where we started from, it would seem to be more
institutionalized in ULT than anywhere else in the movement.
> How the Masters must weep -- or laugh. Or at least sigh.

I hope to God [sic] they are too busy with more important things than
to waste time weeping or laughing or even sighing about the
follies of Theosophists. There are more than enough people
worrying about that subject already.


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