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Re: theosophy historical and doctrinal

Aug 29, 1995 02:55 AM
by Richtay

Thanks Jerry, your perspective helps a great deal. I know we are supposed to
be "indifferent to praise and to blame" but it is nice to get something other
than heat for a change.

Yes, I am concerned about your definition number 5., Theosophy is everything
and anything. That is a sure recipe to end up with NOTHING.

I feel sorry for the Masters too, after all the effort and sacrifices and
karma They took upon Themselves to give the little moles like us some light,
and the first thing we do is turn around, ritualize and formalize everything,
"expand" and "improve" willy-nilly, and then end up not even recognizing
where we started from -- Them and Their teachings!

How the Masters must weep -- or laugh. Or at least sigh.


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