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Re: For Brenda re CWL

Aug 29, 1995 04:30 AM
by Richtay

Paul: "Let people know you see auras and they are inclined to think you're
deluded, or scheming to take over something, or being taken over by the Dark
Brotherhood, or whatever. "

Wow, I've never heard that in my wing of the Movement (ULT). We all accept
paranormal experiences and development as natural, even expected. Yet it is
always spoken of solemnly, and people don't run around sharing very often,
because it is seen as a sacred thing, and too much attention can arouse the
ego and make one start to fall off the path.

I personally know of several people in my wing of the Movement who have quite
developed abilities in one thing or another. But I also assert that
individual development is not the primary concern, or even the secondary
concern. Those should be the understanding of the teachings, and the
offering of them to anyone who is interested, in the furtherance of
humanity's growth, and to curb the tremendous suffering we as a race
experience due to our ignorance. Theosophy, as it was give out by the
Masters, if the first steps toward Adeptship, and if the path, as shown, is
followed, the end of suffering is possible FOR ANYONE.

But I fear the focus on the individual development, because then the goal
becomes "How can I get these powers? Why don't I have them yet?" And then
the focus is on the lowly self, and not living entirely to benefit others,
the mark of a real Adept.


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