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Re: For Brenda re CWL

Aug 29, 1995 08:22 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

[some comments from a response to Brenda:]

>Sorry to get so confessional, but you touched a nerve. I
>sympathize with CWL's admirers to the extent that I know what
>it feels like to never be sure when a Theosophist is going to
>start mercilessly ridiculing you-- and it SUCKS. You all have
>been in that vulnerable position for a long time, but at least
>you have each other. People should
>lighten up in their attitudes toward other people's
>interpretations of Theosophy and use their JUDGING PROCESSES ON
>THEMSELVES instead. (Latest wisdom courtesy of Myers-Briggs).
> Paul Johnson

It is possible that we unintentionally put ourselves in situations that
are demanding, that are difficult, that call upon us to develope our higher
faculties. These situations provide us with opportunities to grow. Consider
the Buddhist statement that our greatest teachers are our enemies.

There are two sides to the coin here. One side is for a particular person
who does not like one of your books, how that person chooses to react to
you. That person can deal with the content of the book, or simply blast
you and your character. They are responsible for their reactions. The other
side of the coin is your reaction to people. For an intellectual discussion
of the content of your books, if you respond in kind, both you and the other
people can learn and grow, and your can improve your knowledge and theories
for future books. For dealing with an awful personal attack, you are in the
same situation as any of the rest of us. We all may get blasted by people
at unexpected times, and sometimes for unexpected reasons. And we have the
choice: respond in kind or respond in kindness. We can mirror the anger and
hostility or respond with how we *want to feel*.

-- Eldon

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