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Re: For Brenda re CWL

Aug 29, 1995 09:46 AM

Dear K. Paul,

I sympathize with you about how you feel that others react to
your being able to see auras slightly. I'm getting the same
disparaging reaction from my art class, because I painted a
shaman with an aura. I can't see auras, but I've seen enough
pictures to fake it somewhat, well, anyway the colors are right
if not the shape. But they were making fun of me. I knew when I
started that this might happen, & took my courage into my 2
hands, because I wanted to do a shaman in honor of Harry. He
came out rather nice, I think. He has a mask, an energy stick,
a lei, a rattle & a wolf power animal. Usually our finished
paintings are displayed on the walls of our classroom for a
while, but I was told to bring mine back when classes begin
again in October, which I'm not going to do. It made me feel
sad that my shaman isn't going to be displayed. He's not a
masterpiece, but I like him.



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