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Aug 28, 1995 04:56 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> I understand that the
> LCC is fully sanctioned by the Theosophical Society of Adyar. Perhaps the
> retired LCC bishop on this list can tell us more.

If you mean me, I should not think so. I was in an offshoot of
the LCC (or schism from). They do not care for me (most that I
have come across). I no longer "Bishop" as I do not wish to
perpetuate so much of the nonsense that passes for "Liberal"
Christianity, or even Christianity itself as generally
propounded today. I am well-known for expressing the opinion
that the Liberal Catholic Church is neither Liberal nor
Catholic, as it has a rigid patriarchal, mysoginist (sp?) and
creedal approach and is certainly not universal. Most of the
clergy seem more interested in going around laying hands on each
other in order to spread the Holy Spirit ("Rucha" in Aramaic - a
feminine noun!) among those [males only] considered worthy, or
willing to obey the bishop. Would you believe (yes) that I was
once excommunicated by a church I did not belong to? :-)


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