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Re: Send them all to theos-roots!

Aug 28, 1995 12:52 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker

> Paul wrote:
> >You might recall that there was a strong consensus last time
> >round that this line of discussion be posted to theos-roots
> >rather than theos-l. That still seems the best policy. I
> >encourage other theos-l participants to comment yea or nay on
> >this suggestion.
> Please count my vote for restricting the history discussions
> (including the Masters' identities, itineraries, appearances,
> disappearances, and whatever) to theos-roots. I hope conventions
> for discourse can be amicably agreed upon. This seems especially
> important since the written word seems to carry so much more
> weight than the spoken one.
> I appreciate that there are those who treasure the importance of
> our history. For my part, I don't want to have to explain when
> HPB comes back and asks what the hell we're doing playing detec-
> tive while poor infant humanity writhes.
> There are those who subscribe to the idea of nonlocal, nonlinear
> causality, (I think I have this correctly) which implies that we
> can affect the past. This notion delights me :) with its possi-
> bilities, and saddens me :( when I consider how we squander them.
> Nancy.

I'm a bit late in replying to this one (of July 2), but had a few

There was an article in "Newsweek" early in the Summer which described
some of the lastest experiments in quantum physics which imply that we
can change the past. I'll post some notes on the article in a few days.
My thinking is that the past does not exist, but is just carried with
us. What we are at the present is the totality of our past. But we change
every moment, and so does that past. The event of leaving for work at 5:15 AM
does not change, but what it means to us and the world changes as we change
ourselves later in the day. The physical event is only real for the moment
that it occurs. Its meaning and impact upon us and the whole of life carry
on forever. That part which carries on can be changed as we change ourselves.
So the "spirit of the past" does change, even if the dead-letter of the
past remains written in stone.

-- Eldon Tucker

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