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On Auras

Aug 28, 1995 11:55 PM
by Aprioripa

Dear Paul,

 Thank you for sharing about this.

>Although vaguely, slightly able to see
>auras since my teens,

 I've been through the same and finally wrote a book about it that I gave
to my family and some friends. Who, as might be expected, think I'm sincere
of course, but well...

>I have had an intense opening or
>unfolding of this capacity in the last few months.

 I believe that this is true for many people in these times:

 "For ages people have talked about seeing auras. From the eastern "body
of light" to the western Christian halo some image of the energy that
surrounds us and radiates from us is a part of the lore of every religion and
culture. These images are the testimony of those who see the world of energy
around us and who seek to understand how we can all become more aware of
these realities. Today, in the last decade of the twentieth century, there
are far more people alive than ever before who can not only feel but also see
the energies around them. This is a natural event in human evolution and as
more years pass we will all find our abilities to sense auras and energies
increasing." (From the Introduction)

>Let people know you see auras
>and they are inclined to think you're deluded,

 I try and explain that ions are etheric and science studies them, so
there could also be more levels of energy.

>Add to the above considerations
>the fact that I've become an object of [disdain? fear?
>reproach? anger?] by a fair number of Theosophists including
>some highly placed ones.

 Such attitudes are certainly not the ones that the Mahatma's would have
us hold toward each other!

>sympathize with CWL's admirers to the extent that I know what
>it feels like to never be sure when a Theosophist is going to
>start mercilessly ridiculing you.

 Anyone who mercilessly ridicules anyone else knows nothing of true
theosophy and should be ignored until they grow up.

>People should
>lighten up in their attitudes toward other people's
>interpretations of Theosophy and use their JUDGING PROCESSES ON
>THEMSELVES instead.


Best Regards,

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