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Rich & confusion

Aug 26, 1995 01:48 PM
by euser

Hi Rich,

You wrote:

>Man, I am so confused! I signed on to Theos-L just last week and I feel
>like I am on another planet. I don't get all the "Christ" talk and
>"Son of God" stuff and Hierarchy and Plan and all that.
>Is any of this even distantly related to Theosophical teaching?

Well, Rich, in principle all religious, philosophical & scientific
issues can be discussed on theos-l, as theosophy claims to be
the synthesis of these. Experiences can be discussed too, of course.

As to your question whether 'this is even distantly related to Theosophical
teaching' I guess I have to make some remarks:

1. There are many Theosophical societies in the world today.
 Although all these societies have the same origin, namely,
 H.P. Blavatsky (and the Masters behind her), they (the societies)
 have developed along different lines. The 'body' or core of the
 theosophical teachings is the same - being that of H.P. Blavatsky.
 Nevertheless there are differences between emphasis, history, etc.
 (and teachings too) and these are more or less representated on this
 list by the various participants.

2. To continue, some listmembers may not be particularly fond of,
 say, Alice Bailey, whose books mention "Christ", "Gods Plan", etc.
 quite often, while others may find encouragement or moral
 support in her works. Your surprise to find talk about "Christ",
 "Son of God", etc. is understandable if you are not aware of
 the various backgrounds of the participants of this list,
 some of which may feel affinity with Christian concepts.

 In this sense (the presence of people of various Theosophical backgrounds)
 it may be very confusing indeed to the newcomer what is going on here.

 From your respons I gather that you already have some idea
 what Theosophy is about. What did you read about it?
 Whom did you talk to? This might clarify your confusion to us.


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