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From a newbie

Aug 27, 1995 00:40 AM
by Bee Brown

Hi to you all,
I have just been receiving your discussion mail for the first time today and
it formed the basis of an interesting afternoon at our Lodge meeting today
so greetings from the whole 8 of us present. We have a membership of 22 and
I have the privilige of being the present President. We are having our 100
year celebration next year so we have been in Wanganui a long time. Our
oldest member is 93 and a life-long Theophist much respected among us. There
are 3 of us who have been studying the SD for nearly 2 years and I
personally have just about finished Isis Unveiled so I think that shows my
avid interest in Theosophy. NZ holds a convention every year at beg of Jan
for 5 days at various branches and we have overseas guest speakers. Very
interesting indeed.

I guess we all have our pet perspective on most things and I like to think
that truth is relative at this stage in evolution. Maybe one day we may find
out if there actually is a 'truth' for all. "One cannot shut the door to
errors and yet expect truth to enter. From where will truth enter if the
door itself is closed". So says Rohit Mehta in The Fullness of the Void.

That's it from me as my first offering.


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