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Re: From a newbie

Aug 27, 1995 01:32 AM

Hi, Bee Brown in New Zealand

Welcome to our mailing list. Glad we gave you material for
discussion at your Lodge meeting. You must be one of the oldest
Lodges in New Zealand. Where is Wanganui? Did you ever meet
Geoffrey Hodson?

You already gave me a solution to something I haven't been able
to figure out for a long time. You say "truth is relative at
this stage in evolution". I've been puzzling about that truth
is relative in manifestation, but that there must be an
absolute truth where Consciousness, or God, or whatever you
wish to call it is absolute, which isn't manifest. You say "at
this stage of evolution", & that fits nicely into my jig saw
puzzle. Thank you.

I live in Syracuse, New York, a town about 5 hours (by car)
north west of New York City. I used to be President of a Lodge
in New Jersey, when I lived there. Just now, I'm trying to
start a study center in Syracuse. We have 5 members, but so
far, the center isn't quite sure whether it wants to live or
die. We're struggling.

Glad to have you aboard.


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