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Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 27, 1995 00:57 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

My question regarding the issue of where Theosophy was turning into a religion
was based on the ignorance of such occurrences.

Your mention of two organizations, Alice Baily group and the LCC, still leaves
me in the dark, at least from my perspective in Chicago.

The Alice Bailey group and the Arcane School has always seemed completely
separate from the Theosophical Society, as least in my experience at Olcott.
While the books are on sale at Quest and some members may do the meditations, I
do not believe this material is taking over, but rather being integrated with
other Theosophical works. Perhaps your experiences on the west coast are

As for the LCC, well, the church has been at odds with TS since it was
established. A combination of Christian and Theosophist, my understanding is
that it was created for those Theosophists who wished to take part in the
sacraments, but were banned by the orthodox Christian churches from doing so.
The hybrid quality of the LCC has caused it to be rejected by both sides.

There is as much bitterness about the creation of a Theosophical "religion"
through the medium of the LCC today as there was back then. In my experiecne,
in Chicago, the church and TS exist side by side, without any official
connection. And those who wish to take part in either one or both are free to
do so. Again, if your experience is difference, I would be glad to hear about

IMHO, The Society's greatness stands in being a forum, a clearinghouse in which
all may come to learn and discuss. Where no person is banned because of their
religion or any other barrier. The basis is brotherhood, of all men and the
coming together of them in harmony. Yes, I too, would hate to see this
destroyed by it becoming a set of rigid rules that was just someone's opinion of

- ann

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