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Liesel, phlogiston & Wach

Aug 26, 1995 01:47 PM
by euser


I don't know what a phlogiston is either. It's mentioned again
in letter #23, section 9-1, in relation to the sun, but not so
you could understand it any better.

I'll (re)read that part. Somehow I begin to remember something
about possibly related stuff, like the Kundalini current HPB
mentions in her esoteric teachings. But I would certainly
like to know what is said in the Theosophist article
about this phlogiston in order to be able to make this kind
of links. I'm glad you posted this question to the Olcott Library.

 Glancing over the passage, I imagine it has something to do
with what he describes on p. 56 in my "Letters" that the motion
of matter "is due to the force which is inherent in itself."
.. with our notion that all matter has life, and the
corrolary that spirit & matter exist together in varying
proportions throughout all manifestation.
.building blocks. I think it's vibes. Wach -- in the beginning
was the word ... maybe that translates into meaningful vibes
were the first manifestations of this manvantara.

Could it be that Vach (Wach) awakens the slumbering or non-differentiated
matter by way of resonance? - The Voice finds a fertile sound board?
And patterns are forming in this homogeneous mass, like sand on a drum
forms patterns when the beat is there? Liesel, I read a fascinating
footnote in BCW XIII,p.53 about Olcott's article in the Theosophist,
Vol. XI, Sept., 1890, entitled: "Mrs. Watts Hughes' Sound-Pictures"
'which deals with geometrical and other forms produced by sound
(the same note always producing the same configuration.
In this manner, sound is shown to be at the root of manifestation, or,
in other words, that the "Word" or Logos, the first-born, is that by
which all things are made.'

Could we get a copy from Olcott lib. from this article (for theos-l)?
This ties in with your remark about Vach!

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