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Re: game over?

Aug 26, 1995 12:20 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>>Several prominent Theosophists or quasi-Theosophists have brought in prayers
and invocations, rituals, a formal hierarchy of deities (called "masters")

Where is this happening?

<<If we compare this to the development of the early Christian Church, we find
a very similar process taking place. . . . Gnostics and other dissidents were
marginalized, eventually persecuted, and finally destroyed. We may say that by
the Council of Nicaea (325 CE) the direction was very much set, and by the
Council of Chalcedon (451 CE) the game was over. The Gnostics were dead, their
texts burned, and the "Catholic" Church was in complete control. Not
coincidentally, Rome was ruined as well, and Europe was plunged into the Dark
Ages. (As we all no doubt know, HPB has a lot to say on this topic.)>>

As a budding gnostic, I loved this part, but differ with the idea that the
Gnostics are merely ashes in the south of France. These hardy souls seem to
reappear again and again, at different points in time, reincarnating when the
weather is right and the mind of man is ripe. Back on the game grid of life,
they joust once more with those that want to put walls around the spirit and hem
in the truth. Maybe one fine day the opposing factions will get together and
finally resolve their differences. In the dreamtime of God, they'll find
Nirvana for a split second, before He/She wants to start the whole duality thing
all over again.

- ann

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