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Re: Theosophy: Terms & Phrases

Aug 26, 1995 02:04 PM
by Richtay

Patrick: To be clear, all of the terms/phrases/concepts being referred to
(Christ, Hierarchy, etc.) in the article I quote from are in the S.D.
(unabridged version) in the way that they are being used and can be found by
those interested via the index.

Rich: First of all, you use them differently, and second of all, you have
conveniently left out the more Christian terms you have used, including "Son
of God" and most especially "God's Plan." HPB never uses those terms/ideas,
nor do the Mahatmas, nor William Q. Judge, nor Olcott, etc. This is a
Christianizing of Theosophy, which is fine for a personal preference, but
does not represent Theosophical tradition as it was given by the Masters.


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