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Re: the astral & related

Aug 26, 1995 02:04 PM
by Richtay


I have never heard Mr. Leadbetter called a "black magician" and I am afraid
that you have quite imagined that I ever used those words. Please try and
find the post where you fear I used them.

On the contrary, I said that he WASN'T an Arhat, he WASN'T an Initiate, he
WASN'T an Apostle. And I am not aware of ANY Buddhists who mistake
Leadbetter for a saint. Could you cite a source or two for this assertion?

What he WAS was a PSYCHIC and nothing more. How is that a black magician?
 The psychic path is indeed one that in general leads downward, unless
corrected by spiritual work.

And as for all the vast hordes who see Mr. Leadbetter as "a very holy man"
they are welcome to their opinion, as I suspect we all are. When I was
informed of this list's existence, I was also informed that there was a wide
diversity of opinion. I have made no attempt to silence anyone, and I hope I
don't hear that attitude in your words. If you respect Leadbetter, good for

As for me, I see him as a PSYCHIC and nothing more, and all the sections of
Theosophy in the world could say no and disagree. The evidence is in his
writing, and I see you referring to numbers of people as "authority."
 Rather, shouldn't we impersonally look for ourselves at someone's work and
life, and judge for ourselves, quite apart from what anyone else thinks or

I hope this board stands for that independence of thought and opinion. We
are to be "indifferent to praise and blame," no? And simply seek the truth
as best we can. Whatever "section" (?) we belong to, or no "section" at all.


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