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Re: the astral & related

Aug 26, 1995 09:17 AM

Dear Rich,

I'm not interested in getting into another knock down drag out
fight about what Leadbeater is and isn't, not with you not with
anyone else. There's a whole American, & worldwide, section of
Theosophists, and that includes some students of Buddhism, who
believe that CWL was a very holy man. I don't think it's
worthwhile debating of what degree of holiness he was or
wasn't; nor is it worthwhile to take up how he differs from
HPB, especially since there's another whole section of
Theosophists who don't believe that Theosophy began & ended
with the writings of HPB. We've decided on this mailing list to
try to live peacefully side by side, all shades of Theosophists
together, and it would be nice if you would abide by this too.
When you start talking about CWL being a black magician, you're
going too far. Please take it back.


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