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Approaching masters

Aug 25, 1995 10:30 AM

Dear K. Paul,

I guess I didn't say very clearly what I meant. I think how we
see the Masters varies from one person's perception to another,
& who knows how they really are, or were! How can they really
be, or have been, since they, for instance, must've changed
clothes every now n' so often, or perhaps changed manners of
speech, or domiciles, or even ideas. Even their bodies, which
are said to have been human, changed every 7 years.

I was more interested in finding out what various people had
learned from reading their letters, if they learned anything.
Of what use are their words & their ideas to people on this
mailing list today ? To me that's much more fruitful than how
different ones of us perceive them. We all perceive them
through our own set of rose (or other) colored glasses. I don't
think you can get anywhere with a discussion about that, except
that we all differ. That's not important to me. What is
important to me is what contribution can the writings of our
Masters make to our living in today's world. If they do make a
contribution, they're worth reading, if they don't, as far as
I'm concerned, you might as well forget it. I'm only interested
in reading matter that I get something out of, either learning,
or pleasure or historical perspective or etc.



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