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Re: Liesel & astral & chaos

Aug 25, 1995 03:17 PM
by euser

Hi Liesel,
thanks for the quotes and paraphrases. It looks if there's
a lot of agreement on the teachings about the astral plane.
As regards Prigogine's work, it may be a fruitful study to
engage in.

I got the impreession
from "Turbulent Mirror" that causality arises from chaos under
certain conditions, & causality from chaos, under certain
conditions. The 2 interplay. Choices come during the chaos

So it seems. Self-organisation seems to be inherent in matter.
This reminds me of the fabulous letter no. X from Mahatma K.H.
about 'God', stating that there is ONLY matter, visible and unvisible.
Matter inherently has the attribute or aspect of intelligence.
I'm not clear what 'phlogiston' means exactly (mentioned in this letter).
Maybe you or another theos-l subscriber has read about that?

<..>somehow contact someone they know, like a dead family member
who's already on the astral, to help with the newly deceased. I
think that's a really nice kind of a service, whether you
believe in it or not.

Yes, I believe in it. It makes sense if you experience the relatedness
of all beings. It seems to be a service of the Light-side of human beings
to others in distress.
It is said of GdP that he choose to die in 1942 because he was needed
on the astral plane much more than in his body. With so many millions
dying then, under violent conditions, I can imagine the need for massive
help on the astral plane..

I hope the above gives you something relevant.

Sure does.

PS I thought of a technique Serge King taught us, which has to
do with choices ... several ways of casting stones.

Looks like a creative version of pulling cards or using I-Ching :)

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