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Re: Liesel & astral & chaos

Aug 25, 1995 09:56 AM


I don't know what a phlogiston is either. It's mentioned again
in letter #23, section 9-1, in relation to the sun, but not so
you could understand it any better. It's also not in Baborka's
glossary, but in Mahatma Letter #X reference is made to an
article "what is force & what is matter" in the Theosophist,
September (must be either 1881 or 82). I bet the Olcott Library
has that, & can give us an answer. I'm going to e-mail a CC of
this post to them.
 Glancing over the passage, I imagine it has something to do
with what he describes on p. 56 in my "Letters" that the motion
of matter "is due to the force which is inherent in itself."
... with our notion that all matter has life, and the
corrolary that spirit & matter exist together in varying
proportions throughout all manifestation. When you look at
particle physics (which I've done a little bit) you find that
sometimes it looks like a particle & sometimes it looks like a
wave, depending on what the observer decides he wants it to
look like. Right there is the intertwining of matter & life (or
spirit). I still haven't gotten over thinking in terms of basic
building blocks. I think it's vibes. Wach -- in the beginning
was the word ... maybe that translates into meaningful vibes
were the first manifestations of this manvantara.


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