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Re: Approaching masters

Aug 27, 1995 11:18 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> Dear K. Paul,
> Of what use are their words & their ideas to people on this
> mailing list today ? To me that's much more fruitful than how
> different ones of us perceive them. We all perceive them
> through our own set of rose (or other) colored glasses. I don't
> think you can get anywhere with a discussion about that, except
> that we all differ. That's not important to me. What is
> important to me is what contribution can the writings of our
> Masters make to our living in today's world. If they do make a
> contribution, they're worth reading, if they don't, as far as
> I'm concerned, you might as well forget it. I'm only interested
> in reading matter that I get something out of, either learning,
> or pleasure or historical perspective or etc.
> OK?

No doubt people will share exactly what you propose-- the
relevance to people of the words and ideas of the Masters. But
as recent events on theos-l show, a certain "therapeutic"
framework in which we can learn to respect our differences
rather than attack them might help start things out on the
right track.


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