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Re: On prayer

Aug 27, 1995 10:47 PM
by Aprioripa

>ENQ: Is that different from the one given to it in theology?
>THEO: Entirely so. An Occultist or a Theosophist addresses his prayer to
>FATHER WHICH IS IN SECRET (read, and try to understand, ch. vi. v.6,
>Matthew), not to an extra-cosmic and theref

 The Great Invocation is this type of prayer.

>H.P. Blavatsky seems to be saying there is no prayer at all (worthy of the
>Theosophist) except that addressed to one's own higher nature.

 One's own higher nature, the Monad.

>There is no
>point in praying to Christ or the Masters or the World-Soul or any other
>being, real or imagined.

 There are many types of prayer as there are many approaches to the path,
what HPB did was appropriate at her level -- I do not believe that she was
making a universal statement about what everyone should be doing. But I
agree that one should always pray to that which is perfect.


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