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Re: Jung & Astrology

Aug 24, 1995 10:20 AM

Hi, K. Paul

You wanted me to describe my Jungian Tarot (by Robert Wang).
I'll try. I'm just learning Tarot, so I hope I get the layout
idea right.

Here are some of the major arcanan cards. I think the pictures
are very well done, because you can read all sorts of things
into them.

"The Fool. A young man, carrying the spark of life symbolized
by a flaming rose, is about to step off into a starry sky. The
act will create a universe to eventually be destroyed by the
panther at his right. At his left is the Orphic Egg in which
the Cosmos is nurtured" ... etc. each description takes up
about a page..

"The High Priestess. The Daughter. Anima is the inner self of a
man. She is eternal woman who, as the High Priestess, holds a
book symbolizing the ultimate secrets of the unconscious - most
frequently represented by water. As the Moon, she creates the
unversal tides of consciousness. Everyone has an inner
personality & an outer personality, the Persona or mask..."
(the picture has one)
The Emperor, the father; The Hierophant, the father as law
giver; The Empress, the mother; the Lover, son as collector of
experience, Wheel of Fortune, the mother who determines

After all the minor arcana comes "A 34 week course of studies
using the Jungian Tarot cards for the development of
"Self-exploration with the Jungian Tarot involves the creation
of a sort of fantasy play, a dialog with oneself wich is
totally honest. You will deal initially with Mother and Father,
and then with their projected attributes. Son & Daughter.
Finally you will consider the behavioral patterns and
situations represented by the remaining cards. It should be
noted here that meditation with the Fool is assigned only after
considerable experience in active imagination has been gained
with the other cards of the Major Arcana."

Then there's a sheet of paper "Ancient 10-card Tarot spread."
I'm just going to try to put the card numbers into the same
places where they want you to put the cards.


6 1
 2 put across 1



Hope that's what you wanted.


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