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Re: Approaching Masters with a Difference

Aug 24, 1995 10:54 AM

Dear Art Paul,

I think the difference is before you wrote this piece you
kissed the blarney stone. It's also my considered opinion that
before you try to critique the Masters some more, it would be
good, if you browsed around a little more in the "Mahatma
Letters" first, because what you write seems to be spun out of
thin air, without too much knowledge of what the Masters really
said, and what they really could be & stand for (about which
there can be some speculation, but it needs to be based on
something other than phantasy). I myself don't regard the
Masters as the ultimate guides of theosophy. I think that the
ulimate guides right now are today's Theosophists, but I do
believe that our Adepts have something valid to say, (as do
other early theosophical writers) which doesn't at all fall
under any of the 4 categories you mention, at all, at all.
Sounds to me like you're just generally speculating, without
really knowing your subject matter. I'm sorry if that also
hurts your feelings, but I think a person such as yourself
should speak out on matters they know something about, of which
there are a great multitude.

Love & kisses


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