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Re to Liesel

Aug 24, 1995 11:01 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel: < It also seems to be one of the functions of
shamans to accompany newly dead souls to the astral, & to help
them become better oriented to their new surroundings. I'm not
quite sure whether they actually accompany, or whether they
somehow contact someone they know, like a dead family member
who's already on the astral, to help with the newly deceased.>

As I describe in "EGYPTIAN MAGICK: Enter the Body of Light &
Travel the Magickal Universe," the ancient Egyptians did the
same thing. So do the Tibetan Lamas.

Liesel: <That leads me to something both Harry & Serge King
said ... that anyone who tries to predict the future is a fool.>

This is quite true, if you mean forced or conscious predictions.
However, as you demonstrate with the colored stones, the
unconscious can somehow see into the future, at least in terms
of strong possibilites. Tarot is probably my favorite, but the
I Ching and many other methods of stimulating the unconscious
into a small still voice of divination is possible, and has
been done throughout history. It requires intuition, and the
ability to hear your own inner voice and believe it.

Jerry S.

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