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Aug 24, 1995 10:11 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>>starts out by equating the four elements with the
>>four functions, viz.: fire=intuition, water=feeling,
>>air=thinking, earth=sensation.
>The book "Esoteric Astrology" places the elements like
>this for aspirants, disciples, etc.:
> air=intuition.
> fire=mind.
> water=emotion.
> earth=physical.
>The predominance of any one could relate to a disciple's
>work and service as much as personality style.

The first, with air=thinking, is the one most generally
accepted in the West. I believe this goes back to the
ancient Egyptians and Gnostics and is prevalent today
throughout the West (OTO, GD, etc.). However, it is
of interest here to note that the East gives fire to
thinking and air to intuition, just like "Esoteric
Astrology." I suppose that the author of that book
(Alan Leo?) got his info from the East (?).

Jerry S.

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