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Re: Abortion and murder

Aug 14, 1995 09:48 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> I know this loss of unborn children affects all of humanity
because we are all linked together as a nation and as society,

I really liked you post, but especially this part.

IMHO, I think that when women have a greater opinion of
themselves and self-esteem, they will less likely to take a
"chance", as you put it. If your culture, or sub-culture, send
you signals that your worth rides on whether you are attractive
and nothing else, then your actions will be influenced by those
ideas. Of course, there will always the few that have enough
independent thinking to go their own way, no matter what is being
said. There are many women who are single mothers, working and
raising children alone. Did they take the easier or harder way

Again, I think that the worth of women and motherhood, raised to
what it should be, could play a big part in improving the
situation. Include in that the responsibility of the male
towards supporting and raising the child. But we talk high
ideas, while the same old things are happening in low places.
LIfe on the planet is moving slowly forward to a brighter day. I
like to think our thoughts, questions and discussions are part of
making that happen.

- ann

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