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Psychosophy: The Theory of Relationships

Aug 14, 1995 05:10 AM
by Aprioripa

(for review -- a copy of an article to be submitted for
publication in mainstream scientific journals)

The Theory of Relationships

All human religion and culture is filled with rich and ancient

This symbolism has come down to us through many beautiful myths
which illustrate universal human beliefs as well as through
vastly intricate psychological symbol systems such as Masonic
rituals and astrology charts. These symbol systems hold in them
much that is of value in the understanding of the nature of
humankind. Indeed, mythological astrology and astronomy are two
of the oldest scholarly disciplines known to us and do seem to
prove very useful from a historical perspective -- but while
today astronomy is accepted by all scientists as a legitimate
area of research, the symbolic system of mythological astrology
is not held in such high esteem. This lack of scientific
interest occurs despite the widespread acceptance of symbolic
systems like astrology by people in general in the west (indeed
by Presidents, executives and many prominent individuals), their
use in the Bible and in all major world religions and their
official acceptance by whole nations in the east (such as India).
The so-called practice of astrology today (as a projective
psychological mythological symbol system) is, however, very much
removed from the helpful educational role it played in the
pristine symbolical relational sciences (an aspect of
psychosophy) of which it was a part in ages past.(1)

The obvious widespread use of astrology and other mythological
symbol systems by humanity today would seem to call for a large
research effort along these lines and, if symbolic mythology is
at all a reflection of human psychology then it would be true
that statistical and mathematical research methods applied to the
hypothesis offered by symbol systems such as astrology will show
the usefulness of such symbol systems as a necessary area of the
psychological sciences. However, just as the vast majority of
qualified scientists do not wish to research such a thing as
astrology, so the vast majority of sincere students of symbolic
mythology lack sufficient scientific and mathematical training to
legitimately demonstrate an appropriate level of scientific
validity for symbol systems to the intelligentsia of the world.

Moreover, the many publicly practicing charlatan astrologers and
many invalid claims by astrologers as well as astrology's
incomplete public presentation, and most significantly the
selfish misuse of its symbolism have greatly hampered the
appropriate use of the symbolical psychological systems in their
proper role of educating and helping human beings.

There has been some research done by qualified scientists on
astrological symbol systems but usually wrong or incomplete
hypothesis were tested. Also there has been statistical research
done by a few astrological investigators but it has usually
lacked a sufficiently rigorous scientific methodology or
theoretical closure to be convincing to the skeptic as to the
value of symbolic relational philosophy. To wit, as written by
one student, the ancient system of astrological symbolism needs
to "be lifted out of the hands of those interested in
predictional astrology, out of the hands of the thousands who at
this time spend much time 'casting' horoscopes (seeking to
interpret their usually erroneous conclusions), and placed in the
hands of trained mathematical scientists and in the hands of
those who have given as much time to scientific training along
astrological lines as is now given to training a reputable
physician, a chemist or a biologist."(2)

A theoretical model of why mythological and psychological symbol
systems (such as astrology) can be useful needs to be explicitly
stated so that any relevant research may be seen as clearly
indicative one way or another regarding the question of a symbol
system's appropriate usefulness in the understanding of human
nature. We shall call this model by the very general phrase of
The Theory of Relationships. The central tenet of this theory is
that all relationships are determined by vibratory resonance and
that this resonance can be directly psychometrized in an
appropriate symbol or combination of symbols. This tenet
requires that we posit the existence of energy levels and
frequencies of patterns which are electromagnetic yet
psychological in nature and that symbols can be directly
associated with such energy patterns through their innate
resonance. This theory makes many obvious predictions which are
completely scientifically testable (see below) and a basic factor
analysis of the many aspects of an astrology chart with
conventional personality tests (such as the MMPI) would, it is
predicted, reveal many enlightening correlates. Symbols can be
ideographic (as in astrology), based on color, based on sound or
can be mathematical in nature (as in geometry and numerology).

In this theory variable relationships exist to some degree
between all that is and the associative strength of for example a
relationship between two people would be determined by the degree
to which each resonated to the same vibration or frequency, such
frequency vibration being determined by psychological typology
and events such as shared experiences. Resonance relationships
represented by symbol systems can be both multi-dimensional in a
spatial sense and qualitative in nature yet still be empirically

According to one researcher: "The language of symbolism, the
science of the stars, the lines engraved on forehead and hand by
life's experiences, all these are marks of recognition, points of
contact which rightly interpreted indicate past, present and
future events, as surely as the rising of the sun indicates the
beginning of a new day. ... If all these facts can be
understood and accepted, the majesty, purpose and power of Cosmic
symbolism, which includes astrology and prophecy, may be seen,
and that great phenomenon of life be dignified and raised to its
true position in the minds of men instead of, as now, being
relegated to the shades of superstition and made a by-word and
epithet of contempt by some, and used for the deception and
beguilement of their fellowmen by others."(3) Understanding the
qualities or resonance patterns of age-old yet persistently
present symbol systems would provide a firm framework on which to
build an understanding of human psychological processes and to
build a modern understanding of our relation through reflective
resonance patterns with broader natural energy processes.

Along the lines of astrological symbolism the following research
suggestions have been made by an interested co-worker who has
studied Tibetan philosophy:

"Some day it will be of interest to make a scientific research
and investigation into the power of balance which Libra wields
and a consequent analysis of the effect of Libra in an individual
life. It might then be possible to discover whether the
particular life in which a man carries forward the process of
reversal may not perhaps be one in which the sun is in Leo, with
Libra rising. Such statistical studies have not yet been made,
but there is much to be done along these lines; I only make
suggestions, but it will, I think, be found that this is the
case. A proper investigation likewise into the life history of
spiritualism and of the mediums associated with it may prove that
the majority of the mediums in the world who are of a low grade
type or purely trance mediums-negative and usually unintelligent
-are born in Cancer with Pisces rising, or in Pisces with Cancer
rising. Such studies would necessarily have to deal with
hundreds of cases and be carried forward over a long period of
time in order to prove the point which I seek to make. It would
also be interesting to make an analysis of those particular
incarnations and their horoscopes wherein the polar opposites
both appear in relation to each other -- one as the sun sign and
the other as the ascendant, for these lives usually express some
degree of either equilibrium or of consummation; they will not in
any case be negative lives or lacking in direction, event or
purpose....You will note that my purpose in this section of our
treatise is to evoke interest and enquiry and to incite students
to scientific, statistical and analytical investigation. Only in
this way will my basic premises be proven and eventually
substituted for the present unsatisfactory methods - methods
which most astrologers who have any real capacity and insight
regard as deplorable and unsatisfactory."(4)

In conclusion, The Theory of Relationships can appropriately
resolve many age-old issues and provide an efficacious
perspective from which many helpful psychological understandings
can be seen and demonstrated by scientific research.

Copyright c 1994-1995
P. Alessandra / A.Priori / 6524 San Felipe #323 / Houston, TX
77057 USA


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