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Re: Abortion and murder

Aug 15, 1995 11:52 AM
by Michelle Donald

>Brenda: > I know this loss of unborn children affects all of
humanity because we are all linked together as a nation and as

>Ann: I really liked you post, but especially this part.

Me too,

There was another point in another message about bad karma in
relation to all this.

To me karma just _is_ it's neither good nor bad, it is we who
apply a quality to it, and that quality is our perception and not
necessarily and maybe not possible, from a wholistic viewpoint.
I wonder if the "Thou shalt not judge" is related to this. In
the complicated interconnectedness in the web of life and the
development of consciousness who are we to say what is good or

>There are many women who are single mothers, working and raising
children alone. Did they take the easier or harder way out?

FYI Recent statistics in Australia show that the % of single
parent families is almost the same as 100 years ago. Seems we
have a lot of hype in the media focussing on one sector, and
suddenly our perception is that this is a growing "problem"/
"issue". I wonder what the North American stats compare?


Did you know tests are planned by France in the Pacific and China
in China and Tibet?

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