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abortion and murder

Aug 13, 1995 08:04 PM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Since we're all looking at this issue AGAIN, I have some
thoughts, that may not be as beautifully and thoughtfully put as
John Mead's, nor as passionate and forward-thinking as Keith
Price's, however they are a fanciful rationale, of sorts.

First, we all have these koans which tend to be "fun" little
puzzles, because we are able to devote a limited amount of time
to them and are not forced to become totally absorbed in their
solution. My koan sometimes has to do with what has been posted
previously on theos-l: Logos and my three-fold nature of
body-soul-spirit. Last night I got totally lost in this koan and
woke up going over and over in my mind the process of birth: from
a seed - the head, and then branching (not as modern science has
observed) but more "ignorantly" into arms and torso and legs and
torso. This threefoldness plays a secondary role to the role of
the senses. The whole process from the neck down involves
"feeling." Feeling reaching into the astral plane really covers
ground-- ground which the other senses do not.

Then I reflected on an experience I had with perceiving an angel.
My angel which had a somewhat exposed spine - a very noticeable
spinal column - with no apparent need for legs was a one-time
experience alerting me to an event which then happened within a
few days. An invalid down the hall from me at Headquarters fell
out of her bed and I helped put her back in bed. I feel very
sheepish telling you this (I think I would have heard her cries
for help anyway), but I'm trying to make an entirely different
point - just a silly, non-sensical, illusionary meandering.

What if aborted fetuses became angels? They haven't been allowed
to complete their human development so is an angel an incomplete
human? Well, there certainly is an interest and a demand for
angels among some of the population. It would be great to have
more help in dangerous situations. However karma prevails! Bad
karma might prevent any actual good coming from a situation.

Let's look at abortion and murder another way. It is criminal to
take a life. Look at the people who have depended on this person
and how much money and effort has gone into this person's
education and training making him an "integral" part of our
working world, our society, etc., let alone the interruption of a
soul's growth and destiny. When that person is gone, a hole is
left in the hearts of those who knew him, related to him, etc.
When an unborn child is aborted, no one knew him or her, no one
depended on him or her, no one was responsible for his childhood
(which facilitates his becoming an integrated adult). For that
matter, almost no one knows he even tried to incarnate, if the
mother keeps the matter silent.

What is the harm that people feel then when that life is
terminated? With a greater global consciousness, everyone is
beginning to feel responsible for everyone else and to feel the
interworking of all life as a whole. With communication on earth
bringing us all closer and an incident taking place on the other
side of earth being seen in our living rooms, we need to find
ways to encourage proper moral behavior because "what you do does
effect me," but honestly I think the abortion issue is a response
to the general upheaval caused by aids and the morality crisis
which took place after the sexual revolution rather than
humanity's new-found concern for everyone else.

I loved all the fuss of people taking stands against abortion for
one reason: we did an about face on how to live with the opposite
sex peacefully and healthfully. NOW, we better watch our sexual
lives a little more carefully. Anti-abortion stands produce one
more reason for sex-prevention. I thought about all those young
girls (especially because I am female) and how an easy way out
was being taken away from them and putting my own opinions aside
I thought, "Oh, well, good! Now they won't feel encouraged to
take a chance."

I know this loss of unborn children affects all of humanity
because we are all linked together as a nation and as society,
but there are lots of issues with which we are all related which
I would consider even more imperative, because there is a minimal
amount of hurt when a quiet abortion occurs. Take the
commandment about adultery, for instance. Adultery would be
assumed to hurt a spouse and perhaps the children, in-laws, etc.
Incontinence on the other hand is a wasting of one's sex energy
by allowing it to run rampant. Not as many people are hurt by
this if the partners are consenting adults. So in our western
society, the rule relates to where we find significant harm.

Those who have studied human sexuality (medical doctors) say
normal sex drives create boy-girl entanglements regardless of
marital status. How can a "normal" condition create an
"abnormal" result. This is the koan we have for experts to solve
for the population, but the koan has to be solved for the normal
human and not the man or woman on the path. The neophyte on the
path has a different set of rules to follow.

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