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Re: Wow! Now I know what "flames" are!

Jul 05, 1995 08:34 AM
by Lewis Lucas


I would like to express support for your attempt to offer a
critque of Paul Johnson's books.  I have to agree with you.  It
certainly does appear to me that Paul is the one who keeps moving
the discussion to the emotional level.

I subscribe to all the lists, so it makes no difference to me on
which list your comments are posted, but I think since many of
those on theos-l are not subscribers to the others your comments
should be posted to theos-l.

Last I saw there were over 100 subscribers, most of whom don't
post comments.  In a large group like this there are bound to be
discussions on topics of less interest to some than to others.
There have been a lot of posts about the Tarot and the Kabballah
that held little interest to me, but others found very

As in any group there are some dominating voices on the list.  If
you allow a few to force your discussion off this list I think
you do a disservice to the all the others.  If they find your
comments boring there is always the delete key! Oops....used that
exclaimation key.

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