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Re: Overhearing and Contributing

Jul 05, 1995 05:44 AM
by Michelle Donald

> Welcome Michelle down under from up over, Bristol, UK!

Thank you Alan

> If you are willing to compile details of branches, etc., would
> I could perhaps seek out a list of the UK Adyar-based English
> Section for inclusion (though if someone else already has it on
> disk, maybe they could e-mail it to you? *And* let us all know
> they have done it).

Thanks for your help, may be Adam W is still at HQ and has the
list on disk...  Adam are you there? I will work on this over the
next couple of weeks - getting out things from safe storage, that
have a number of movements addresses, and put them here for
checking from time to time.  What might be best is regional pages
added to a main home page.  With branches for each region being
linked underneath, if you know what I mean.  As well as a text
file for non web users to download.

> I grok BFN but not OOROO - a lieutenant in Star Trek? :-)

A local expression usually meaning goodbye, a stretch from the
original english (cockney I think) Hooray.  You guessed it though
I am a trek fan too, at the moment it is playing 4 nights a week!
The original, ST:TNG and ST:DSN - a feast.


Fidonet 3:712/505

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