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Re: What we need is a FAQ

Jun 06, 1995 04:16 AM
by Astrea (Michelle Donald) writes:

Hey Michelle, you're not "our" Michelle are you? (Of Michelle and
Tony fame?)

> I'm happy to compile the list of branches etc.  I leave your
other suggestions to others.

A great contribution.  I have been a little slow to congratulate
you on your initiative - lost in the wilds of bureaucracy and

> In fact I was thinking about this over the last few days as the
TS in America has a home page and only refers to the US for
contact.  I would like to add overseas contacts and include TS's
orgs not based in Adyar, (I have my flak jacket on in case I need
it round here, I've been lurking for a week, just got my

I think this is a good idea, but I think someone in a later post
may have objected.

> BTW does anyone know who to contact about linking this info to
the current home page for Wheaton? Save reinventing the wheel the
info for here could be adapted for there.

Paul G. ?

How are thing down under?


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