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logos and other topics

Jul 03, 1995 10:33 AM


Pardon my delay in response to your note of 6-19.  I concur with
your analysis that the soul, the spirit, and the body are
adversaries.  If I follow my hormones, I may violate some moral
principle I have adopted; if I follow my spirit, I may deny my
body physical sustenance; etc.  I become complete when my soul,
my spirit, and my body are one wtih the unmanifest logos- - - (at
that point, I doubt very much that I will be in this world of

In SD pg 14-15 fn we read "The "first" presupposes necessarily
something which is the "first brought forth," "the first in time,
space, and rank"- and therefore finite and conditioned.  The
"first" cannot be the absolute, for it is a manifestation.
Therefore, Eastern Occultism calls Abstract All the "causless one
cause," "the Rootless Root," and limits the "first cause" to the
logos, in the sense that Plato gives the term."

Unmanifest logos (causeless cause) gives rise to the
manifestation of logos (cause).  Manifestation of logos (cause)
gives rise to expression of opposites (Jehovah-Satan; Good, Bad;
Light, Darkness; Energy, Matter; etc...) When I choose to seek
unmanifest logos, I seek to bring all opposites into balance by
unification.  ( In my personal life, I suppose I do this by
dominating the expression of the oppposites in my actions...  )

(This all sounds very Platonic to me, and regardless of the
thoughts of others in the past and present, it makes some
intuitive and logical sense to me.)

Just a note of clarification, I would add that I have a baad
habit of using the word perfection and completeness as synonyms.
I do not mean to use the term perfection to imply any moral
system or sense of judgement.  I hope I did not cause you some
confusion in my previous writing.

Thanks for the comments on the laser observatories.  That is new
information to me, and I am not sure what it all means.  At this
point, I do not have the technical knowledge to predict what they
will find, either based on my understanding of science or from my
knowledge of the Stanzas.  (Gooe food for thought!)

I look forward to hearing more from you, Brenda, and I hope our
dialog will stimulate others constuctively.

Love and Light, Fred

Request for contact:

Would anyone on from Australia please contact me
by E-mail at FRDHVY@AOL.COM.  Thanks.  Love and Light.  Fred

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