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Re: What we need is a FAQ

Jul 02, 1995 05:49 AM
by Michelle Donald

> What we need is a FAQ (frequently asked questions) about
theosophy which can be posted at regular intervals.

Sure do - a great idea Astrea

 It could include a bibliography of

> suggested reading for both beginners and non-beginners, an
outline of the different theosophical groups, some notes on some
of the key figures and a summary of any areas of controversy, and
perhaps some of the main ideas associated with the society, the
objects, addresses of Branches etc.

I'm happy to compile the list of branches etc.  I leave your
other suggestions to others.

In fact I was thinking about this over the last few days as the
TS in America has a home page and only refers to the US for
contact.  I would like to add overseas contacts and include TS's
orgs not based in Adyar, (I have my flak jacket on in case I need
it round here, I've been lurking for a week, just got my
account).  So I'll do it for here too, I'm a newbie for all this
- would a message be the best, a file attatchment or better still
I suspect, it becomes part of the Info you get if you message the
listserv.  I bow to others greater knowledge on this.  Point is,
I can do the address bits, and try to keep it update too.

This way, we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time someone

> asks for some introductory information.  Any volunteers??? (Not
me - no time!)

BTW does anyone know who to contact about linking this info to
the current home page for Wheaton? Save reinventing the wheel the
info for here could be adapted for there.

> Of course, the effort to develop a FAQ may unearth some areas
where we don't agree ;-) But actually, these can be reflected in
a well-constructed FAQ, A great challenge, let's hope we are all
up to it.

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