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Re: What we need is a FAQ

Jul 01, 1995 07:50 AM
by jrcecon


What a remarkable idea ...  I wonder if the list has an interest
in developing one along the lines outlined in your post ...  what
you suggest would be more substantial than the norm (for FAQ's
that is), but it occurs to me that this list, with its
intercollegiate membership, its very different viewpoints on a
number of topics, its fair number of published writers, and its
national, even international geographical distribution, could not
only hammer out quite a document for new list members, but also
something that perhaps many Lodges would find exceedingly useful.
In fact this list just might be able to produce something that no
single Theosophical institution would be likely to produce from
within itself ...

Anyone interested? How do you suppose it would be organized?
Attempt to formulate an outline of topics, ask for volunteers to
each take one or two sections of most interest & write a draft
...  then take the drafts one by one and work on them jointly on
the list


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