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Back Overhearing and Contributing

Jul 01, 1995 01:56 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson


About two weeks ago I suddenly realized that there was a major
slow down in the posting traffic of Theos-l.  I thought it was
because many of us are academics with university accounts ect.  I
figured that it was the summer slump.  I thought this until I
with a burst of intuitive intelligence, I simply check out the
recipient list for theos-l and found that I was missing.  For
some reason my name had been removed, I didn't unsubscribe
..perhaps I was even excommunicated from theosophy! horrors..
how could that be possible with such a liberal minded group.

So I have re subscribed and look forward to the daily intrigues
of the group the esoteric lungeing in to the unknown and the
challenging comments of you all.  Good to be back.  Sorry it took
so long to figure out what had gone wrong.  Theos-l should not
tolerated being accused of summer slump.  I confess to the ever
vigilant cyber-theosophists.

Arthur Paul Patterson

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