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What we need is a FAQ ...

Jul 01, 1995 02:00 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Some of the FAQ's I have seen end up attempting to be too
comprehensive, with the result that they tend not to get read.
One newsgroup I subscribe to has regular monthly FAQ postings of
*the same* material, crossposted to other groups.  Admittedly
there are frequent updates, but I get a little anxious on behalf
of the folks who are still running slow modems on slow machines.
I have a fast modem on a slow machine :-).

The Idea of a theos-? FAQ is great, but might, IMHO, be best
organised into (not too many) sub-divisions.  One, for instance,
could be simply a bibliography of books on theosophical subjects
from different angles.

Another could give details of the different theosophical
organisations and their main locations.  Accurate descriptions of
what each organisation represented vis a vis the others could be
a hotter potato than Paul's TMR though .....

Speak to us, O great Cyberbrain of the satellite waves, what is
Thy will, O Great One ...

Our own dedicated Web Page would be nice .....


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