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Re: What we need is a FAQ

Jul 02, 1995 05:49 AM
by Michelle Donald

> Anyone interested? How do you suppose it would be organized?
Attempt to formulate an outline of topics, ask for volunteers to
each take one or two sections of most interest & write a draft
...  then take the drafts one by one and work on them jointly on
the list

I think breaking it up into topics is a good idea (suggesting
topics even might be a challenge) Do you think creating a list to
work on this would be good idea rather than here in Theos-L? I'm
too new to be sure of the etiquitte and policy here, but this
idea is too good to keep lurking.  Can you help me with the
policy for this list? Thanks.

I will not be able to help much on content but am good at editing
for clarity ( my spelling isn't the best) I am happy to the
address and contact info as mentioned elsewhere.  Though I don't
have lots of time I will make time for this.


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