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Re: What we need is a FAQ

Jul 06, 1995 07:06 PM
by Michelle Donald

> (Michelle Donald) writes:

> Hey Michelle, you're not "our" Michelle are you? (Of Michelle
and Tonyfame?)

Sure am...  :-) Tony's just arrived home - he also confirms that
it is us! "Yes we haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth,
either, just been hanging on by our fingernails lately.  Life is
certainly busy." Love Tony.

> > I'm happy to compile the list of branches etc.  I leave your
other suggestions to others.

> your initiative - lost in the wilds of bureaucracy and

I dont consider a few days slow, but I suppose I'm used to BBS
response times which are slowwwweeerr than the net.  Some of you
have to work eh? re the addresses, I think I'll contact the
headquaters of those orgs with lots of branches and see if they
can supply the branch details as an ASCII file, then I can build
an international database here which I will check in with each
head office regularly to update it.  I think the message Brenda
left (I think it was Brenda) about having a more comprehensive
info on joining the list and having these things as available as
files is a good idea.  To cater for others, having web pages
references as well in the THEOS-L info would be good.  I notice
some web pages refer to this list, which is nice :-)

> > In fact I was thinking about this over the last few days as
the TS in America has a home page and only refers to the US for
contact.  I would like to add overseas contacts and include TS's
orgs not based in Adyar, (I have my flak jacket on in case I need
it round here, I've been lurking for a week, just got my

> I think this is a good idea, but I think someone in a later
post may have objected.

Hvent seen that posting, I'm not sure that everything is getting
through down here.  I have seen a few replies quoting recent
messages I've not seen :-( If I can find a pattern to it I'll
give John Mead a buzz.

> > BTW does anyone know who to contact about linking this info
to the current home page for Wheaton? Save reinventing the wheel
the info for here could be adapted for there.

> Paul G.  ?

I'll email Paul G,

Does anyone know who is master of Wheaton's page?

> How are thing down under?

COLD - even for Sydney


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