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Re: Thoughts on Karma

May 25, 1995 04:29 PM
by Lewis Lucas

> (3) Karma is an undeviating and unerring tendency
> in the Universe to restore equilibrium, and it
> operates incessantly.
> I personally like this definition of Karma as a
> balance of opposing forces (both cosmic and
> personal).  Carl Jung describes the psyche as a
> field in which libido (psychic energy) seeks a
> balance between opposing forces such as spirit and
> instincts.

I wonder if this is only a prepartory step.  The need for a well
balanced personality to provide the necessary calm in body, mind
and spirit to make possible the expression of our inner/higher
conscious self.  It reminds me of the analogy of the calm
mountain lake that reflects the stars above.  We being the
"field" or medium in or upon which karma acts to create a calm

> This definition helps us see Karma in
> terms of psychology and physics (where entropy
> also seeks a balance).

It seems to me one of the basic tenets of the theosophical
movement was that science, religion and philosophy had failed to
solve the riddle of existence.  Science was becoming more and
more materialistic.  Religion had lost the esoteric keys to its
scriptures and had fallen into a dead-letter interpretation, and
philosophy was stuck in an endless chase of its own tail!

If we are willing to accept such premises then shouldn't what
these discplines have to offer be held up against the ancient
wisdom rather than the other way around? I guess what I am trying
to say is I am much more sceptical of the tenets of science and
religion than I am of theosophy because the lines of inquiry
suggested by theosophy offer (at least to me) a much better
chance of solving the riddle of existence.

Sorry, Jerry this probably doesn't have much to do with what you
said just came to mind as was reading your post.


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