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Re: Thoughts on Karma

May 19, 1995 06:23 PM
by LieselFD


Towards the ends of your post you say " I do not think that
Adepts, no matter how advanced, can possibly know all of one's
karma, or predict any future event with full certainty (hi
probability perhaps ..)".

Serge King.  a very skilled shaman, told us that one can see the
present and from that give an educated guess as to what the
future might be.  But human beings have choice, and they may
choose different routes to go between now and the future.  Those
choices may change the future outcome as foreseen now.  I think
Harry Van Gelder said much the same thing.  He ameliorated my
health (physical, psychological &n spiritual) on the assumptions
that my choosing to ingest the homeopathic remedies he advised,
meditate (& etc.) would moderate my karma.  It did.  My health
took a different turn on every level, or at least it modified.

Best wishes


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