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re: Re: Thoughts on Karma

May 26, 1995 05:01 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Lewis.

I thought your post of 5-25 was really well done.

I particularly like your last 2 paragraphs.  I'd forgotten that I
too had turned to Theosophy for answers, because I too had found
that "science had become ....  materialistic, Religion ...  had
fallen into a dead-letter interpretation, & philosophy ...  was
chasing its own tail.'"

Also, your last paragraph goes very well with what several of us
have stated lately, namely that as we studied Theosophy, we found
that we can always count on its showing us a good Way and an
giving us good answers for whatever is happening in our lives.
And so, you're absolutely right, we should hold the other
disciplines up against what we've learned of the ancient wisdom,
rather than the other way around.



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