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RE: Re to Lewis

May 26, 1995 01:57 PM
by Porreco, Nick - CPMQ

Jerry:<<However, it still won't admit to higher planes except in
the mathematical sense and prefers to limit its observations to
the physical plane (except the concepts fields,
morphic-resonances, and quantum electro-dynamics which sometimes
talks about particles going backward in time, and other weird
subjects, which make some scientists stop and think a little).>>

Just to add to you statement, in my association with a student of
CWL, whose background was in Engineering, we would use the term
dimensions instead of planes when describing the various levels.
Since my background is also in science this made it easier to
understand.  As a three dimensional object like an apple when
sliced in half expose a two dimensional surface, one can see that
if the slice was made at a different spot the surface would be
different.  Therefore with an infinite possibility of two
dimensional reflections (or slices) of the three dimensional
object.  If I can carry this analogy further we can speak of the
three dimensional physical, the four dimensional Astral and the
five dimensional self (the higher mind versus the four
dimensional lower mind from "At the Feet of the Master" by
Alcyone.) And therefore as in the case of the Apple the lower
dimension are possible reflections or manifestations of the
higher ones.  An example might be a thought that troubles you to
the point of worrying then causing emotions and eventually
manifesting as an ulcer.  Here is a possible example of going
from thought, to emotion and finally to the physical.

Thanks for the historical recap, I feel it is important to know
the history of how things came about to put things in

Nick P.

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