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Re: reincarnated old fogies

May 16, 1995 09:09 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> Excuse me, but I fail to visualize John Algeo, Steve Schweizer,
> Jeff Gresko, and Bill Metzger as old fogies.  I don't know many
> of the others, because I'm an older fogie than they are, & I
> haven't been in Wheaton in years.  I don't remember who of them
> drinks tea, but I know that I do ...  decafinated.  I'd also like
> to point out that from what I've noticed things have been perking
> up considerably since John Algeo became President.  We may get
> some more spirited activity in the life of the old Society yet.
> At least I see signs of it.

When I told a friend that I was joining Akbar Lodge in Chicago,
he told me he had visions of white-haired ladies sitting on
folding chairs.  I then told him about the last meeting I had
attended.  I was the only woman there and half the males were
African-American, of various ages.  At one point, someone pulled
out a videotape, which we all watched on a television set.

I have recently joined a study group, as the Lodge sometimes
proved too advanced for me.  The ages here range from twenties to
forties.  No tea is allowed.

I agree that things have perked up.  Seems the Annual Meeting and
Summer School has been livelier and more interesting since Algeo
took over.

- ann

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