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Re: Grok Theory

May 16, 1995 08:58 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Jerry S. wrote:

>         -------Simulation------>
>      Dynamic                  Target
>      Model                    System
>        <------Observation-------
> This is actually a standard scientific model used
> to show how we model things.  We make a model of a
> target system.  Then we observe the target system,
> and tweak our model accordingly, which in turn
> better simulates the target system.  For a good
> model, this is a never ending process.  He says
> "It is implicit in grok theory that the model and
> the observation are linked within the grok circle"
> and so on...

It strikes me as another way of talking about karma and
reincarnation.  We create a personality (the model of our ideal
self) and "tweak" it in a never ending process of improving its
ability to reflect the higher self ie.

            --------Stimulation (Action)--->

    Model System                            Target System
    Self absorbed                           Self actualized
    Personality                             Individual

            <------Observation (Experience)---


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