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Re: grokking theory

May 15, 1995 06:06 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Jerry S sez: >This is actually a standard scientific model used
>to show how we model things.  We make a model of a
>target system.  Then we observe the target system,
>and tweak our model accordingly, which in turn
>better simulates the target system.  For a good
>model, this is a never ending process.

This sounds an awful lot like the way I create characters when I
write fiction.  I'll base a character on someone I actually know,
in the media or just someone I saw on the street.  This essence
then becomes more refined and developed until the character
becomes its own person, separate and distinct from the original,
but still retaining the essence.  The same "never ending process"
continues as the story unfolds.

I've never thought of this as grokking, but now I realize it is.
My understanding of these beings depends on my ability to be one
with them, otherwise I couldn't write them.  I've always thought
of them as though-forms floating around in my aura and kicking me
in the side if I didn't pay enough attention to them.

By the way, folks, I've checked out a few others lists, including
the soap opera newsgroup and Theos-l is still the most
interesting one out there.  At least, as far as I'm concerned.

- ann

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