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Re: reincarnated old fogies

May 16, 1995 06:39 PM
by LieselFD

Hi, Ann,

Very pleased to note that Akbar has a number of African Americans
attending.  I think we need more of them in our Society.  They
have something very positive to contribute.  Most of my working
life was spent among black people, both clients & colleagues.
When I retired in 1988, or even a little before, I suggested to
Wheaton that I'd like to try to go around working with/recruiting
African Americans.  I never even got a reply.  Now that things
have changed, I've gotten to be too old to go galavanting around
the countryside recruiting African Americans.  Besides, I now
have my work cut out for me here in Syracuse.  But I know that
John Algeo is open to fresh new ideas.  I know that his being
President has made some of the staff more enthusiastic, &
hopefullly also some Theosophists all around the country, since
he's been spending time visiting branches, study centers, &
Krotona.  He's got a super elegant creative mind, & gets dynamic
new ideas all by himself without anyone else's help.  He's also a
good speaker, coming from an academic background.  But I've
gotten the impression that he's open to suggestions, & to offers
to volunteer.  The more help, the further away we get from the
old fogies idea.  We've got a very dynamic belief system that's
not grown stale with time, let's get it out to where more people
can have a good look at it, and let's us keep up our study of
fresh new ideas & concepts.

With Sy, I find the study of nature & man fascinating.  It brings
Theosophy right to the outskirts of human knowledge.  Studying
that, I don't think anyone can go stale, even if they're 90 &
enjoy drinking tea.



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