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Karma the mirror of your actions

May 08, 1995 05:30 PM
by Porreco, Nick - CPMQ

Karma is an interesting subject of discussion.  It is even
recognized by science by the law that for every action there is
an opposite and equal reaction.

The key to dealing with karma is intention.  One must always
strive for selflessness versus selfishness.  If you are selfless
in your action and act to someone in that manner as Liesel
pointed out then you can break the chain of negative karma that
keeps getting repeated.  You must act without identification to
the personality instead or reacting.  The repetition of negative
karma (one extreme example is one person killing another in a
past life and then the other has the opportunity to do the same
in a previous life) can be broken when one deals with others in a
selfless manner of good will.  This is the only way that the
chains of karma can be broken and we can free ourselves to having
freedom of action from the higher self.  When we a constantly
reacting to others out of anger, etc.  we are strengthening the
karmic chains and giving our free will less freedom to operate
on.  And therefore free will can only truely become free when we
are able to not react to karma for action of reaction is one of
not using the higher mind.

We should never worry about effecting another persons karma if
our intention is good.  We are responsible for everything we
think, feel, do and say to the extent that we are conscious.
Like on the movie Gum Ball Rally when the race car driver broke
the rear view mirror and threw it away, and his passenger asked
what he was doing, he said what's behind you is not important.  I
feel that before one makes a decision if you take responsibility
for your actions at the time and consider all the consequences
you possibly can and act with good intentions then regardless of
the outcome that is the best you can do.  Hind sight is 20 - 20
and at that point you have to let go of the past and not worry
about it.  After doing the best you can for another, the other
person is responsible for what they do with it.  You left them
with your best and that is all you can do.

You can't live their life for them.  If you give them your best
with love (for true love is the realization of unity) then you
can only receive back what you gave at the level it was given.

Another interesting aspect of Karma is that it is returned on the
level it is given.  An example of this is from professional
Astrologer Dr.  Douglas Baker who in his book Esoteric Astrology
talked about almost losing his life when he was a young man.  He
said after he became a student of Metaphysics and Astrology and
had been doing spiritual searching he noticed that his
astrological chart was about to have similar planets transiting
to that of when he had almost lost his life.  When the time came,
he did not find himself in mortal danger.  He instead went
through a death or transformation of ideas or concepts and
realizations in his life.  He surmised that since he was not
primarily operating on the physical level but on the mental and
spiritual then that was the level that karma was primarily
operating at.

This is the reason that so many esoteric groups have tried to
transcend the physical like the alchemists whose changing of base
metal to gold was symbolic of changing the consciousness of the
physical to the spiritual.  It is also important to notice that
the Alchemists found mercury to be very important for the
transformation process.  Since the element mercury is ruled by
the planet Mercury it becomes important to notice that the planet
Mercury rules the mind (the analytical mind of Virgo and the
philosophical mind of Gemini).  Therefore we can deduce that it
is through the development of the higher mind that the physical
can be transcended to the spiritual.

Whether one uses the philosophers stone or the holly grail or the
number 13 as the symbolic means of transformation.  Both are the
searching of spiritual truths that seam to be as a result of an
inner call.  The number 13 is symbolic for transformation.  Some
people say yes but only through death.  Both King Arthur and
Jesus were the thirteenth member of their respective groups.  In
this case they were the means of transformation.  Jesus stood for
the transformational point between the physical and the
spiritual.  Mathematically you can see that the number thirteen
is made of twelve and one.  If you take twelve ball bearing of
equal diameter you can cover one of equal size completely without
room for any others.  Symbolically this is a way of showing that
the twelve are at one level and within is the thirteenth.
Therefore transition from one level of consciousness to another
by going within.  The one in the center then can be represented
by twelve smaller ball bearings covering one of equal size, etc.,
etc.  Therefore as above so below.

By the way this Thursday on the Learning Channel their is part
two of a program called the Secret of the Templars which goes
into some symbolism and the holy grail legends and the Cathars.

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