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Re: Karma the mirror of your actions

May 08, 1995 06:05 PM
by jrcecon

To Nick (& others):

You speak definatively about "Karma" ...  with an attitude that
suggests you *know* the truth in some absolute sense.  Out of
curiousity, how do you come about such certainty? There have been
philosophers from several different traditions arguing about the
existance of and nature of karma for literally millenia ...  and
they have drastically different opinions of the matter, as
different as the arguments among Christians about the nature (for
instance) of heaven and hell.  Your vieew certainly resembles
pieces of some of these different thinkers ...  but you speak as
though it is far more than simply your belief ...  as though you
are stating accepted, universal, objective truth.

Have I misunderstood? Are you really less certain than your tone
seems to imply? And if you do believe in you certainly, from
whence does this spring?


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